I called around 5 other roofers before I called Bang up construction. Some of them never even returned my call and others never came out for an estimate. As soon as I called Gabriel he was out on my roof next day assessing the storm damage from over 9 months prior. He confirmed that there was hail damage, so I called my insurance company immediately. The adjuster came out and Gabriel showed up again to go over all the damage with him (huge help).

Needless to say, the insurance company tried to short me and delayed as much as they could. Gabriel picked apart there estimate and found many mistakes in their calculations. Gabriel helped me get the full amount I was owed. He was very patient throughout the whole process and tried to help me with everything he possibly could.

I eventually got two other estimates on my property, one of them came in a little lower and the other a little higher than Bang Up's. However, neither company was willing or able to help me to the level Bang Up did. Both companies took over a week or more to get me an estimate and were hard to get a hold of.

When it came time to start the roofing job, I was a little hesitant to give anyone 1/2 down before the project had even started. I am an out of town landlord and could have easily been a target for a shady contractor. I put my faith Gabriel and he did not let me down. He gave me a time frame and had to go over it a few days due to rain, etc. He ended up doing my roof on Labor Day of all days, while everyone else was taking the day off. I was super amazed that he and his team were able to do my entire roof in a day. They started at 7am and finished at 4pm. Amazing!

After Gabriel was done, I had my maintenance man look over the job with a retired roofer friend of his. The retired roofer of over 30 years said he did an excellent job and was very impressed with how fast and well done Bangup construction completed the project.

I can't thank Gabriel and Bang Up Construction enough. Unlike most contractors, they know how to treat customers. They are fast, responsive, helpful, patient, informative, and so much more. I will only use Bang Up Construction as long as I own property in SD and so should you. Thank's again Bangup, you are the best!

Hayden T.


First of all a big shout out to Gabe the owner. Thank you for your service! Second of all Bang Up construction did a fantastic job on my roof and window. One of the workers Austin did a really good quality job. Couldn't ask for more. Would recommend them again.

Tom L.


Bang Up replaced my siding and roof and did a wonderful job. Gabe was informative, fair and very pleasant to deal with. The crew was efficient, professional and when it was all done, no mess to speak of. An overall great experience and I would call on Bang Up should I need anything in the future.

Scott Gygi


Bang up construction redid my roof did a great job. Was very happy with the work. Would call on him again!!

Bill Knouse


Excellent communication, very timely! Thorough, fast, knowledgeable, personable. I will recommend Bang-UP to anyone I know or hear that needs roof repairs/replacement!

Krista Fox


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